william klein, dance in brooklyn, 1955


robert frank in london + new orleans

robert frank london 1951 robert frank nola trolley 1955
Robert Frank in London (the City), in 1951, and looking in a trolley window, New Orleans, 1955.

more vladimir sokolaev

sokolaev 4sokolaev 3sokolaev 5 sokolaev 6
More from Vladimir Sokolaev’s series of photos capturing life in the Soviet Union.

john bignell: woolworth’s, victoria, 1959

Another photo by John Bignell from The Library Time Machine website. The vintage signage is as interesting as everything else in the photo. Tricel sounded vaguely familiar, but I had to look it up. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica:

In 1950 the British firm Courtaulds Ltd. began to develop triacetate fibres, which were subsequently produced on a commercial scale after methylene chloride solvent became available. Courtaulds and British Celanese marketed a triacetate fibre under the trademark Tricel. In the United States triacetate was introduced under the trademarked name Arnel. Triacetate fabrics became known for their superior shape retention, resistance to shrinking, and ease of washing and drying. Production of acetate fibres has declined since the mid-20th century partly because of competition from polyester fibres, which have the same or better wash-and-wear properties, can be ironed at higher temperatures, and are less expensive.

So there you have it. Synthetic textiles made of chemicals and perceived in their time as examples of ‘better living through chemistry‘. But just as hideous to touch and wear then, as now.

larry fink: adrianna, torrente, paris 1998


today’s daily snap: in mathura, india

This very cinematic daily snap from Grant Faint was taken at the Banke Bihari temple during the Holi festival.

today’s daily snap: in new delhi

new delhi spice market
Snapped by Grant Faint.

john bignell: battersea fun fair, 1957

battersea fun fair 1957
I just discovered John Bignell in this post on The Library Time Machine website. It has more on Bignell’s work here and here. The reaction of the woman on the right is exquisite.

today’s daily snap: in bodh gaya, india

In Bodh Gaya, snapped by Grant Faint, who writes:

Buddhist pilgrims from around the world journey to this town to the spot where Buddha sat under a huge tree for 40 days and nights and developed the concept of dharma (cosmic law and order). This lady prepares flower offerings for the faithful to buy.

a photo for sunday: starting over, 1935

lange starting over 1935
Remembering history as experience, remembering experience. December, 1935: Resettled farm child. From Taos Junction to Bosque Farms project, New Mexico. Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration. From the Shorpy website.